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streamin just a lil bit 

1 deviant said expect the same song over and over and over again
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Cédric Marcellin
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Tuskat, but you can call me Tusk, I like to draw demons and superheroes :U
But mostly demons
Feel free to contact me if you need anything :D
except points, if it's that then don't :P
:icontumblrplz:Tumblr :iconfacebookplz2:Facebook


I always use Sirius-sdz textures.



Thu Jul 30, 2015, 1:42 PM

I will draw :

- Humans characters
- Anthro characters
- Gemsona characters
- Trollsona characters
- Sonic characters
- Monster (depending on the complexity)
- and a lot more, if it's not mentionned, just ask!

I will not draw :

- Mecha

- sexual/fetish/hate/gore content
- Sakura Haruno (Don't ask)

Inks Commissions :

Garnet by Tuskat
picture used above would be 20$

- Portrait : 15$/13.5€
- Half Body : 17.5$/15€
- Full Body : 20$/18€
+ 3$/3.5€ for simple Bg

Color Commissions :

Rainbow Quartz by Tuskat
picture used above would be 27$

- Portrait : 20$/17.5€
- Half Body : 22$/19€
- Full Body : 25$/22€
+ 5$/4€ for simple Bg 

Payment done via PayPal

Contact via note or by Mail :

  • Mood: Noble
  • Listening to: stuff :V
  • Reading: Luther Strode
  • Watching: Daredevil
  • Playing: Smash 4
BA Rocket and Groot by Tuskat
BA Rocket and Groot
This is the sketch and the ink are half done but I am not sure I'll find the time to finish before the deadline
for :iconbattle-artist: (I should have the time to finish it thought...hopefully)
Edit : Inked. Recovering from yesterday damage, I may or may not color it on time.
Edit2 : self hi5 I made it >:L
streamin just a lil bit
1 deviant said expect the same song over and over and over again
No deviants said…

A tag game

Thu Aug 27, 2015, 4:04 PM

Tagged by :iconsangomar:

Aight it's been a while. Prepare for a lot of "Favorite this, Favorite that" :V

1. Favorite Author?

Not a big book person, so it's either the Dany Pizza menu guy or Frank Miller for doing Sin City and The Dark Knight Return.

2. Favorite food?

Greasy stuff most of the time, pizza, hamburger, kebab, sushi, chinese takeaway, Indian food, pasta, fruits (??!!). I have a particular preference for sweet and sour stuff :V

3. Favorite social media platform?

I don't really know, I mean most of them have pros and cons. dA is pretty sweet for everything art involved but the lack of visibility and the weird ass decision making make it less and less attractive. Then you have Tumblr that have a lot of funny content, interesting content, and cat pictures, but also a whole lot of SJW stuff where everyone is offended by everything.
Then you have Facebook that I don't leave because I use it to chat with friends.
I think I tolerate each of them equally.

4. Favorite game?

Borderlands and Disgaea series.
Disgaea made me start drawing.
The whole Borderlands serie is just great.

5. Favorite sport?

tumblr inline mus1wcJpI21ql3hmz by Tuskat

6. Favorite color?

Green is NOT a creative colour by Tuskat

7. Favorite accessories?

My heaphone I guess :shrug:

8. Favorite piece of outfit?


9. Favorite band?

the Crystal Gems :L

10. Favorite country?

Most of the countries that aren't France
Gotta say I got a little something for China...and HK...and Japan...and my homeland Senegal...the choice is hard man it's not the same life at each point :V even in the same damn country the experience is not the same depending on the country.

11. Favorite flower?

I dunno, the carnivorous one? I'd love to have one just to see flies getting caught in it.

12. Favorite animal?

Dogs. Corgis and Shibes in particular :iconshibeplz:

13. Favorite car?

Audi R8 :V yup,same as you :d

14. Favorite season?

I guess fall because everything is slowly dying like my dreams and hope for a better future.

15. Favorite Disney movie?

Dumbo. because of them Crows, I always come back to videos of them singing and all.

16. Favorite things to collect?


17. Favorite paranormal creatures?

The minotaurus. Half man Half Taurus Half "Poseidon offered a magnificient Taurus to Minos and Minos thought 'damn he's too swag to be killed' so he killed another taurus dawg and Piscedeon got pissed like 'homie u didn't restecp the hood' so he made the fab taurus go mad and made Minos wife the first zoophile on earth and had snu snu with a Taurus' and from this messed up love triangle was born 20% of Blizzard bestiary". Good stuff. 

18. Favorite food type?

The one with cholesterol and regrets.

19. Favorite drink?


20. Favorite Tv show/s?
Bojack Horseman, Sense8, Daredevil, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls. and a lot more stuff :u

  • Mood: Noble
  • Listening to: stuff :V
  • Reading: Luther Strode
  • Watching: Daredevil
  • Playing: Smash 4


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AutoBubbs Featured By Owner Edited Aug 23, 2015
thanks for the fave (and the art) :D
Tuskat Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No probs man :D
YS-Liliumsynth Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015   Writer

lulz~;p well juz a suggestion of anime to watch; I strongly will suggest you of watching HIBIKE! EUPHONIUM~~~:iconlachoirplz:

I've got three great reasons why you need to:
1. This is KYOANI~~~:iconnyappyplz: yep, it's KyoAni's latest anime to date, this!!:la:
2. This is CGDCT-slash-slice of life-slash-moelicious type of anime~~ :iconchuuplz:
3. on the SEIYUU SIDE, this has Anzai Chika (Chaika's seiyuu ni Hitsugi no Chaika), and Moe Toyota (yes, that MOE :icontoyotaplz: we've talked about!:XD: ) on this one~~!:iconblushplz: [and even Minako Kotobuki {Mugi from K-On} and Yoko Hikasa {Mio from K-On} have seiyuu support roles here ya know!]

like here's the MyAnimeList info~~>…

so yep, definitely don't miss this one out, Tusk~~~:iconadowableplz:
For the wuv of Moe Toyota and seiyuus and CGDCT's and KyoAni here ya know~~:iconawplz::XD:
HIBIKE! EUPHONIUM, remember the name!^^ :la:

OC_Yuu: again with this, I don't think Tusk even has the slightest interest on things of your interest... :facepalm:
Me: this is me promotin' KyoAni to Tusk, Yuu-chan!:XD:
OC_Yuu: :no::no::no:
Tuskat Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lmao you and your CGDCT :iconmingplz:
I'll see it someday,maybe :U
by the way, I've saw Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade works.
I was REALLY impressed by the quality of each fight scenes, but I got to say everything 
else lacked...interest for me :XD: I did like the fact that Archer was actually the future of that little asshole.
It was interesting, and the protag was way less annoying than in the first Fate Stay night :iconmingplz:
I'm willing to watch Fate Zero now :nod: this and I got some anime to finish/catch up
YS-Liliumsynth Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015   Writer
lulz CGDCT + KyoAni = magnum opus, Tusk~~:iconmanlytearsplz:

and d'AwWwW :iconhappytearsplz: so glad you've watched it Tusk~~~:iconfinallyplz:

yep the fight scenes are very impressive alright!:XD: yep :clap: that's great enough you've watched it!^^ :highfive:

and yep, I think I didn't tell you about Archer's identity~~:XD: good to know you've gotten to know that as much.:XD: (like I've said, Fate/Stay Night is the ONLY visual novel game I've ever played~~the UnlimitedBladeWorks is the "Tohsaka route" of the game. The 2006 F/SN is the original Saber route, and this one, then there's the third route called "Heaven's Route" aka. the "Illyasviel Route" which is going to turn into an ova/movie~~:nod: anywayz you know much about VisualNovels so yep no need to explain about routes here.^^)

well, the Shirou in this 2014 F/SN is penned by Urobuchi and not the typical Type-Moon staffs, so there's improvement~~=D :la:
and YEP DEFINITELY WATCH THE FATE/ZERO, TUSKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconherotimeplz::iconlawooplz: If you think the fight scenes in F/SN is awesome, wait 'til you've watched F/Z!!!:la:

Let's say that if F/SN is like a Mercedes S63 AMG V8, the Fate/Zero is like the Pagani Huayra 720HP AMG V12, TUSK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:la::headbang:
lulz~~;p :lmao::XD: [yes, Pagani uses Mercedes-AMG engines, it's their sort of agreement that Mercedes will be the one to supply them with engines, anywayz am juz explaining this for you to understand the gravity of what you're gonna watch!:XD::la: STORYWISE, it's because the 4th Holy Grail War (F/Z) is much more brutal than the 5th (which is the F/SN) Why much more brutal you ask? Because :iconsmartyplz: after F/SN's success, Gen Urobuchi himself was the one tasked to write a prequel for F/SN~~thus the F/Z was his original work~!:mwahaha: ]

and oh, on a side note,
since you're familiar with the Fate-series now, YOU CAN NOW WATCH THESE~~
~Carnival Phantasm (a comedic take of TypeMoon's creations, including F/SN~~yes I know you recognize the pictures~:XD: ) ~>…
~Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma ILLYA (a SPINOFF of that German-Japanese loli hybrid Illya~~as a magical girl~:XD: and yes even Rin Tohsaka is a magical girl there~:XD: :lmao: ) ~>…

so yep, get your daily dose of FATE-series, Tusk~~^^ :iconrenaomochikaeriplz: 

and again, so glad that you've watched Fate/Stay Night 2014, Tusk~~Menma Honma (I still want to be with everyone) V1 Menma Honma (This is unfair) [V1] Menma Honma (Last Words) [V1] 
you're getting the hang of the Fate series/universe now~~:iconhappytearsplz:
Tuskat Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really have to start the Fate Zero. Too much anime god damnit :V
thanks for all the recommandations V:
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LadyRoga Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
hot doge by anus-tim
Tuskat Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In time of crisis, Doge will make us all remember the true nature of the internet : Chaos.
I eat my own mus-turds
LadyRoga Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
:iconmlpdiscordplz::iconsaysplz: did someone said chaos?
Tuskat Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
reste tranquille toi :iconseriousstareplz:
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