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When it comes to tv shows, I relate to old men and old men struggles way more than I thought. 

2 deviants said I relate to your struggles Tuskat u_u I'm not an old man >:U
1 deviant said too actually D:
No deviants said personally I don't :V





Cédric Marcellin
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Tuskat, but you can call me Tusk, I like to draw demons and superheroes :U
But mostly demons
Feel free to contact me if you need anything :D
except points, if it's that then don't :P
:icontumblrplz:Tumblr :iconfacebookplz2:Facebook


I always use Sirius-sdz textures.


L.G.C.S by Tuskat
Légume Chop Suey :U

From left to right :

- Gum with the power to throw all kind of light projectiles.
 her power is quite simple : she emit light projectile.

The thing is the projectile she visualize and the one she emit will have the same effect : for exemple if she mimic shooting a football, a light
football will be sent.

If she mimic a gun, a light bullet will come off etc…same weight, same strength, same speed. The more power it drain on her. Then she have to cooldown a bit.

- Lei, she do barrier and barrier accessories.

She’s kind of the tank of the time (duh)

and use two type of barrier : 

- a destructible one : it vanish once it take too much damage. 

- an indestructible one (obviously) : it must be maintained by Lei to substain and the more damage it take, the more energy it takes from its user, sometime it even damage the user.

the barrier came in all shapes and form and can even be used as platform or to cover from falling stuff :u

Anyway it’s useful.

- Chop. Trust me it’s not Maybelline on this one.

like her name implies, she manipulates her hair (whaddya mean that’s not how it work?).

She can make them grow, retract, compress, extend, form a fist, a blade, a… she can do whatever she want with her hair man.

That makes her a fantastic in close/middle range combat. Some says she would even be more powerful if the shaved side could grow again…

- Suey, the one who think with portals.

she’s the smolest of the band.

She can teleport in 2 fashions : 

- she either use portal to go from point A to point B (like in…you know…Portal? :U ) 

- or she can teleport a fixed zone with her (it’s convenient for travelling with the crew).

She’s not the most useful in fight but she has some trick upon her sleeve to either come up with support strategies or enhance her own strength thanks to the power of gravity. her potential is great though :u

All of them came from the same facility as Campbell, where human experiments are legion and all kind of results ensue.
There will be more of them :u

When it comes to tv shows, I relate to old men and old men struggles way more than I thought.
2 deviants said I relate to your struggles Tuskat u_u I'm not an old man >:U
1 deviant said too actually D:
No deviants said personally I don't :V
When you relate to fictionnal characters, most of the time it's :
2 deviants said The hero despite them, trying to cope with it as good as they can
2 deviants said The antihero, no ethics struggles but a whole lot of inner problems
2 deviants said The bad guy, the madman, the completely psychotic character.
2 deviants said The dog over there, Mr FluffyButts SnugglePoofy.
1 deviant said The righteous hero, a role model with ethics struggle
how many deviations do you have in storage?
2 deviants said less than 10
2 deviants said 10 to 30
1 deviant said more than 100
No deviants said 30 to 50
No deviants said 50 to 100
No deviants said Exactly 402, like me
No deviants said Even more than 500 actually


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IrianWhitefox Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks for the :+fav:!! You Rock! 
Tuskat Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem :D
YS-Liliumsynth Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015   Writer
Dear Tusk, :iconkillitplz:

Pls answer that query I have about "if you name a car, what will it [the name] be" thing, 'coz you're holding my 4th deviation since 2015~~~:nuu:

~LS2015 :la:
Tuskat Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Either  TSK-56, The 2 dot-V, or the Tusker I dunno :V
YS-Liliumsynth Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015   Writer
Hmmm... The "TSK-56" sounded like a Soviet missile~~:lmao: the 2 dot-V sounded like a Caterham, and the Tusker is...I dunno also... :meow:

So Tusk, I was thinking of "56-S TuskEye" will do~~:XD: (TuskEye is a portmanteau of "Tusk" and "Thirdeye" from your devID, the S means supercharged)
or juz calling it the "56-S" or "56" gives that much I guess~~:lmao: ^^
Tuskat Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
two dot V is just :V smiley to be honest :iconmingplz:
I like what you've found :XD:
(1 Reply)
AutoBubbs Featured By Owner Edited Aug 23, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
thanks for the fave (and the art) :D
Tuskat Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No probs man :D
YS-Liliumsynth Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015   Writer

lulz~;p well juz a suggestion of anime to watch; I strongly will suggest you of watching HIBIKE! EUPHONIUM~~~:iconlachoirplz:

I've got three great reasons why you need to:
1. This is KYOANI~~~:iconnyappyplz: yep, it's KyoAni's latest anime to date, this!!:la:
2. This is CGDCT-slash-slice of life-slash-moelicious type of anime~~ :iconchuuplz:
3. on the SEIYUU SIDE, this has Anzai Chika (Chaika's seiyuu ni Hitsugi no Chaika), and Moe Toyota (yes, that MOE :icontoyotaplz: we've talked about!:XD: ) on this one~~!:iconblushplz: [and even Minako Kotobuki {Mugi from K-On} and Yoko Hikasa {Mio from K-On} have seiyuu support roles here ya know!]

like here's the MyAnimeList info~~>…

so yep, definitely don't miss this one out, Tusk~~~:iconadowableplz:
For the wuv of Moe Toyota and seiyuus and CGDCT's and KyoAni here ya know~~:iconawplz::XD:
HIBIKE! EUPHONIUM, remember the name!^^ :la:

OC_Yuu: again with this, I don't think Tusk even has the slightest interest on things of your interest... :facepalm:
Me: this is me promotin' KyoAni to Tusk, Yuu-chan!:XD:
OC_Yuu: :no::no::no:
Tuskat Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lmao you and your CGDCT :iconmingplz:
I'll see it someday,maybe :U
by the way, I've saw Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade works.
I was REALLY impressed by the quality of each fight scenes, but I got to say everything 
else lacked...interest for me :XD: I did like the fact that Archer was actually the future of that little asshole.
It was interesting, and the protag was way less annoying than in the first Fate Stay night :iconmingplz:
I'm willing to watch Fate Zero now :nod: this and I got some anime to finish/catch up
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